Abbie Gingles: 2017-2018 grade 12 representative

The season of elections have finally come to an end, with the highest numbers of participants in recent memory. With all the cheesy campaign posters, unkeepable promises and cringy speeches, the Highlanders got a good taste of student elections this year. With the results in for our 2017-2018 student government, current grade 11 student, Abbie Gingles, claims to be very excited to be part of the student government family yet again.

Abbie has been chosen to be the Grade 12 representative, one of the many important roles within student government. Abbie says “Well, grade reps in general just did whatever people needed help with. We didn’t really have a specific job besides for the Grade 12 rep, who coordinates events and activities with Grad Council. For the next year however, we changed it so Grade 12 reps will receive specific little jobs to do as well as help out with everything within gov in general.”

Abbie, however, is no ordinary student. She is known to be fun and energetic, as well as a key component to student government. “To run for student government you should be enthusiastic. Being outgoing is great and is really important, but you can [also] run for gov and kind of be introverted because later on your shell will break so you won’t have an issue with that. Being enthusiastic, though, means you can get people excited about events going on in the school because you are, too.” Many can agree Abbie fits all the criteria that Melanie Belong did, who stated “Abbie Gingles is the perfect Grade 12 rep because she is the epitome of a Grade 12 student at BMHS. [She is] intelligent, cheerful, kind, goofy and hilarious. Really, Abbie is everything you could hope for in a position as significant as Grade 12 rep.”

Although anyone can run for gov, it is definitely not the job for everyone. Being in student government can be very time consuming with all the responsibilities that demand from it, but that doesn’t stop Abbie.

“I love being a part in things that make it fun for others. Gov makes me feel like I can do those things and be creative about it! It’s so much fun planning events and being able to show school spirit, so [it] kind of drew me to run for gov over the past few years.”

Every year is a different dynamic for student government, and Abbie says:

“I’m super excited to get people involved. Since it’s my last year, I want to make sure everyone doesn’t leave high school regretting not being involved or participating in school events. I’m also really excited to work with all the new people and hear they’re ideas for new activities.”  President Melanie, also states that “I feel the upcoming student government will do a great job, and I am excited to see how the year goes! Every year is a different one with new opportunities ahead.”

Student government is lucky this year to not only have one Gingles, but a younger version as well. Abbie’s younger sister also made it on student government “I am very excited to have my little sister on gov with me. We’re close and I think that being able to share something that I really enjoy doing with her, might make her want to be a part of it longer and share an appreciation for the hard work that we’ll be doing together. BUT because we’re siblings, I feel like sometimes we might butt heads about somethings, however I’m sure we’ll find a happy medium.” With their dynamic due, there is no doubt the school will be filled with lots of laughter and silliness that shines from them both.

Abbie Gingles is an active member of the Bernice MacNaughton community, who strives in student government and willingly works tireless to try to make our school a better place for everyone. It is people like her who make student government as successful as it is and motivates others to join and be active throughout our school as well. The position of Grade 12 rep is in no better hands than Abbie Gingles herself.

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