Anglophone East school district

“The force behind it all: the Anglophone East school district”

The Anglophone East School district is associated with approximantly  15 500 students in 37 schools, and employs 1700 full-time staff and 70 part time staff (2400), 1200 of them teachers. The District deals with school damages, renovations, school cafeterias, PD days,  and snow days, though the students’ education is their main focus.

Liz Nowlan spoke on behalf of the Superintendent, who was out of town and unable to comment. Nowlan is the Director of Education for curriculum at the Anglophone East district. She works with nine subject coordinators, as well as meetings with principals and vice-principals daily.  He says: “The best part of my job is getting to work in the schools and seeing all of the kids.” When it comes to making decisions, the district looks out for the best interest of their staff and especially their students. When it comes to deciding on snow days, the Superintendent and his Transportation Manager drive on the roads around the schools to scope out the driving conditions before then making their final decision at 5:30am. All in all, the district is always looking out for their employees and their students.

Liz Nowlan Photo credited to Anglophone East website.

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