BMHS hosts Reach For The Top tournament

Senior team listening to the quiz-master, Mr. Agnew

“We have fun while in Reach because we get to learn things we wouldn’t know otherwise.”-Colin Babineau, BMHS

It was Saturday, March 18th, and students from all over the province were waking up bright and early to make their way to BMHS. It was a day about competition, comeradery, and great food. There was nothing but compliments to go around thanks to Mrs. Leblanc’s hardworking devotion and great organizational skills that made this event a success.

“I just want to say how helpful and pleasant the players are.”- Mrs. Campbell, BMHS

Teams focus on a question during a game.

Reach for the Top is an extra-curricular activity which can be described as a sport for the brain. Participants are asked a variety of questions from the quiz-master, and whoever buzzes in the right answer first is awarded the points. Reach for the Top members often meet at lunch, and sometimes after school, to learn new facts, rehearse packs and help with buzzer reactions. They compete around the province all year until the national competition, which few teams qualify for.

The day began early, with the BMHS team helping to set up. The other teams to show up were FHS, OHS, JVHS, KVHS, NHS, MMHS, SSHS, and JMA.


A few questions were asked of participants in the tournament.

  1. How did you get involved in the group?

“My friends. My friends joined so I did, too.”-Carlos Lavin, BMHS

“Sean Queen forced us.” Teddie Higgins, KVHS

“I joined because my teacher was talking about it and it seemed pretty cool.”- Colin Babineau, BMHS

  1. What kind of people should join Reach for the Top?

“Anybody who wants to gain knowledge and have fun.”- Joshua Eldridge, KVHS

“Knowledgeable weirdos.”- Tyler McNeil, BMHS

“Anybody that’s just interested in learning new things and enjoys knowing random facts.”- Nathan Manley, BMHS Alumnus

BMHS Intermediate team poses during a game.
  1. Do you recommend joining Reach for the Top?

“Absolutely. Reach is like a happy little community.”- Tyler McNeil, BMHS

“It’s a good way to educate your children.”- Matthew Miller, BMHS


The BMHS Senior team ended up coming up short to KVHS in the quarter finals. KVHS had good categories in the first round, so BMHS couldn’t catch up. The Intermediate team fought a tough battle, winning 4 /5 of their games. Overall, it was a great tournament, all thanks to everyone’s adamant efforts!

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