BMHS students win UNB computer programming competition

On Friday May 12, the 2017 UNB NB High School Programming Competition took place. In the annual competition, high schools around New Brunswick sent a total of 33 teams, each consisting of two students, to compete against one another to solve programming-related problems within a certain time frame. BMHS sent a team of two grade 12 students, David Duan and James Currier, who relentlessly defeated the 32 other teams and won the competition by solving a total of seven problems faster than everyone else.

“I was very excited, surprised and honored,” said David Duan.

James Currier said that it was both fun and great to win the competition.

“I am proud of both James and David,” Computer Science teacher Mr. Melendy said. “Computer Science isn’t an easy hobby to get into, and we’re lucky to have two students deeply interested in the matter.”

Big congratulations to our winners.

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