Female Washrooms

When attending school each day, you want to feel comfortable to be able to use the restroom when needed, but for the women of BMHS we don’t always have the luxury of doing so. More times than not the washrooms are not clean or even usable at various times throughout the school day, which can lead to some difficult situations.

With there being four public female restrooms in the school you would think at least one would be in good condition, but that isn’t always the case. All four of these facilities tend to lack hand soap, toilet paper, and in some instances, even stall doors. These are basic needs for anyone when needing to use the washroom, but the school isn’t supplying its students with these needs.

The washrooms are also hardly clean or sanitary. On most days when students go into the washrooms there is toilet paper and sanitary napkins on the floor or in the toilets, which certainly is not inviting. When saying that, it raises questions as to why there aren’t custodial check ins on these facilities a few times a day to make sure they are in good condition for use.

As the students are aware, the custodians are extremely busy people. It would be appreciated if more human resources could be made available to maintain the cleanliness of these restrooms. This way we could prevent the spread of germs and make this necessary facility in the school a more usable area.


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