Highlander student parking lot

By Grace Simkins, Emily Richard, and Emma Kane

The condition of the student parking lot has been an ongoing conversation throughout the school for many years now. With spring, the back parking lot is entering its worst condition of the year. This was stated by Vice Principal, Mr. Bob Bowser, who informed The Highlander News that “After the melt, the potholes have developed, and so what happens then, is they [the District Office] will request the lot will be graded, so that it is more passable.”

The real question is, is it really more passable? After a storm, rain and the melting of the snow, the newly laid gravel washes away. After interviewing four of the eighty-one student parking pass holders, they all had common things to say.

Graduating student Lola O’Reilly said, “It kills my car. That’s how I feel about it.” She continued to say how it’s much harder on smaller vehicles. Graduating student Josh Cormier told us, “I don’t care where the money comes from, I just want it fixed.” He added, “I think it is abysmal.”

Newly licensed driver Brennan Laverty said, “It’s an absolute mess. Every time I take my car back there, I feel like it’s going to be damaged.”

With these passionate comments we decided it would be best to bring it up with District Office Facilities Assistant Manager, Denis Sears. Sears spoke to us and explained the major cost involved with updating our parking lot, “Without even getting estimates it would be way, way over $10,000.”  This was a surprise to The Highlander News.

Sears also went on to say that the District Office has gotten calls regarding the parking lot, but there isn’t much they can do, as the expense is so high. Sears also mentioned it really comes down to a decision between updating the parking arrangements or getting new materials for the school, using the example of new computers. The members of the student body who park in the back each day may come to a conclusion easier than those who don’t use that area of the school at all, but it’s up to the District Office to make the final decision.







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