History: Basketball Provincial Championships 2014-2015

In the year of 2014 to 2015, Bernice MacNaughton High School won the Provincial Basketball Championship for the second year in a row.

“Honestly, the best feeling of my life up until this point. We worked hard and played our hearts out to get to that point. Which made it that more amazing.” Said Melanie Belong.

Throughout their season they could hardly get any wins, but towards the end of their season they pulled things together and made it to Harbour station.

Not many people can say they made it to Harbour Station with a winning streak two years in a row, but Bernice MacNaughton did. The next day they were at school, they announced their big win and congratulated each player on the team. For them to win one Provincial Championship is something to be proud of. The fact that they accomplished two wins in a row is a huge accomplishment to them and to our school.

The Highlanders played their hearts out, and because of their dedication, they won. At the beginning of the season, they never would have thought they would have accomplished what they had. Melanie Belong was only in grade 10 at the time, so she knew the pressure wasn’t all on her.

“I was nervous but at the same time I was only a grade 10, so the pressure was not on me to win the game,” Belong said.

She knew her role, and when she got onto the court she played every game as if it was her last game, with determination and thrill, ignoring the fact that hundreds of people were watching and cheering.

Although the 2014-2015 girl’s basketball team had a rough season, they were able to pull off a win at Harbour Station due to their dedication for the sport they love.

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