“Love you! Run for women’s mental health.”

    A Run for Women

   Shoppers Drug Mart put on a run called “Love you! Run for women’s mental health” in support of the Beausejour Family Crisis Center. The run occurred on Sunday May 7th, 2017. With a total of 5-10 kilometers the Bernice MacNaughton running group completed it all! They trained long and hard to ensure that every member was ready to run and would not get left behind. Training included running practice every Monday after school, rain or shine, to make sure they were prepared for any condition that came their way. The 5-10 kilometers started on Mellenium Blvd and through Centennial Park trails then finishing back on Mellenium Blvd.

The group had a total of 40 members, all women, a bunch of moms, eight BMHS staff members (three educational assistants and five teachers), and a bunch of students. The MacNaughton team was hosted by one of our BMHS gym teachers, Mrs. Rodgers, who is well trained and decided to run the full 10 kilometers. Mrs. Rodgers made sure everyone else participated in the training, which was a six week program called “Run for it”. The program was a combination of walking and running for a thirty minute period until they were ready to start practicing running the 5 kilometers. The program made sure they were all well prepared. The group had no idea the conditions they would have to endure. Come Sunday the rain had cleared and they started running. The Centennial trails were covered in ankle-deep mud due to the rain we had gotten days before.

Mrs. Helgason the MacNaughton librarian had a goal to run until the 5-kilometer mark. To make sure she was trained and ready for this run she started running three times a week, including the Monday practices with the whole running group. She chose to participate in this run because she had been running for a total of 3 years and had never ran with a group before so she decided to try it out for once and she enjoyed it! Her tactic to ensure her finishing the run was to run for ten minutes’ walk for one. This pace helped her because at the age of 46 and practicing for a total of three years she completed the run with a time of 45:45 “Not the time I was hoping for but the mud was up to my ankles and was hard to get through,” she stated. Mrs. Helgason also explained, “I was glad to have completed the run because I felt great afterward, running gives you such a boost of energy and this particular run was for a worthy cause.”

An educational assistant here at Bernice McNaughton by the name of Peggy Dingee decided to run in the race as well along with Mrs. Helgason. To run along with Mrs. Helgason, Peggy chose to run to the 5 kilometer mark. Peggy participated in every training practice to make sure she was prepared, as she was not a huge runner. She completed her 5 kilometres beside Mrs.Helgason.

Once everyone had crossed the finish line Shoppers Drug Mart made and gave out two different kinds of gift bags for every participant. Those gift bags included a variety of things like, different brands of deodorant, candy, chocolate bars, protein bars,  lip chaps, women’s razors, shampoo, conditioner, hand creams, body lotions,  packages of toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, hand soap and much more. With the total of 5-10 kilometers everyone on the BMHS group completed their run and Mrs. Helgason achieved her goal of running the 5 kilometers.


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