No ordinary athlete

Britney Snowdon, born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, has been playing ringette since the age of 5. With the influence of her three older sisters, Snowdon has become no ordinary athlete. She took part in their local team, moving on to Team New Brunswick, and now Canada’s Women’s Junior team. Not only that, but Snowdon also made it into the Ringette Canada Hall of Fame as a part of the 2016 Junior National Team, winning gold in Helsinki, Finland.

Besides the obvious factor of being the baby of the team, standing out from all the other exceptional, and much older, athletes would seem like a challenge. Yet, it is not so for Britney Snowdon. She says pushing herself to play at the level of the older girls is what makes her stand out.

Because of the high level of play she puts herself in, pressure becomes an inevitable aspect that she deals with constantly. “We do a lot of mental preparation with professional athletes. That prepares us for mental breakdowns during a stressful game or even a stressful weekend,” Snowdon states, when asked how she handles and copes with the continuous pressure of the game.

Snowdon has become an icon for little girls in the sport of ringette. If she could give any advice to young, aspiring players it would be that everyone starts off as a new player, and you will become better with time, lots of practice and experience. “Nobody can be perfect at a sport in one day. Keep striving to be the best player you can be, and always practice like you play.” says Snowdon.

Britney Snowdon is a remarkable athlete who exceeds the expectations of a regular 17 year old; from being a star player on high level teams, to being admitted into the Canadian Hall of Fame, Snowdon is no regular Monctonian athlete.

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