Should BMHS have exemptions?


A question that has baffled me for years, is that of exemptions. More specifically, why does BMHS not offer them?

It only seems fair for students to be able to relieve some stress by exempting from an exam. For most students, an exemption can save their grade. In many cases, students that go into exams with more than a 95% in the course really have nowhere to go but down. They basically cannot improve their overall mark in the class, but at the same time, it’s very easy for them to make a mistake and completely ruin everything that they’ve worked for all year.

At Moncton High School, they are able to take exemptions. Only students that attend school regularly, and have no less than 5 unexcused absences in the course they wish to exempt, are able to avoid taking their exam. They are only able to exempt one course, but they are also able to take an exam that is worth 50% of their final mark, so long as it benefits them.

Moncton High evidently has a much better exam format, and when I asked Jacob Lane, a student at MHS, how he felt about it, “It’s awesome. I’ve worked hard all year and for that I’m rewarded with not having to take my calculus exam. I only have one exam this semester because of the way my courses were laid out and it’s a ton of stress off my shoulders.”

Not only do exemptions benefit the students, but the school as well. The fact that students can only have 5 unexcused absences would undoubtedly bring up the attendance rates. As I saw when I surveyed my peers, 100% of them said they had ditched school. So why not reward our hard work with exemptions while making an effort to improve our attendance rates?

Exemptions are a great way to keep students working hard and showing up to class, but apparently BMHS fails to see the benefits.

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