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If you were asked to name someone at MacNaughton who stands out, exudes confidence, and is very unique, that person would be Lola O’Reilly. Each day you can look forward to seeing O’Reilly in the hallway rocking a new outfit and style, which she has magically put together in the early hours before school. O’Reilly has certainly made a name for herself in the eyes of fashionistas around our school.

O’Reilly’s love for fashion began at an early age, as her mom is equally intrigued by the fashion world. O’Reilly told Highlander News “She is the one who wears funky outfits, too, and when I started to express interest in not so normal clothing, she supported me.” She also went on to say that “from then on, I’ve just been wearing what I feel good and comfortable in.”

So the question stands: will Lola O’Reilly take her fashion love and talent to the runway or persue it as a career?  As of now she says “I would enjoy working in fashion, but the issue is that it is difficult to obtain a career but it is definitely something that I will carry with me and most likely something I will do on the side.” So there is still hope that one day, those who attend MacNaughton can say they knew her before the rest of the world.

For O’Reilly fashion is more than just fancy clothes, it’s about confidence and feeling strong in her own body. It has been her way of self-expression and learning to love herself. She explained to Highlander News that “Fashion has played a role in who I am today because it’s the reason for my improvement in confidence. I wear clothing that makes me feel prettier and better in my own skin,” which can be very inspiring to others, who want to step out of their shells and shake up their style.

When thinking about O’Reilly’s future to those who are close to her, we know that it will be bright and filled with many wonderful fashion statements and hopeful clothing line. And for the students of BMHS you only have two weeks left of learning from the best, so take it all in as she will be on her way to Ottawa to style up a new city.

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