The Highlanders’ weatherman

Behind the doors of BMHS, there are some extremely unique people. Over the last couple of years, Sebastian Paczoski, grade 11, has become someone very special to the Highlander family. He is known to be the weatherman of the school, predicting snow days for the students.

Sebastian’s love for the weather first took off when he saw the movie Twister. Sebastian tells the Highlander News, “Winter is my favorite season, and I love days off from school because of snow days and I didn’t like the uncertainty of snow days. So, I decided to do something about it.” This past winter, Sebastian believes there were around 12 snow days. “I will admit I got some incorrect because of that ice storm and some false information. I think I got a 75% accuracy rating,” Sebastian adds.  However, the winter season has passed and there will be no more snow days. This is when Sebastian takes interest in the tornado and hurricane activity throughout the spring and fall season.

In the future, Sebastian plans on becoming a storm chaser someday. “I’ll be up close and personal with those tornadoes in Oklahoma,” Sebastian states. He is currently developing several weather programs for some friends.  On the side, he takes interest in cars, computers, and photography.

BMHS is very fortunate to have someone as unique and interesting as Sebastian. He is the go-to-guy for many students. The Highlander family is lucky to have him here; he is the man we all look up to!

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