What’s it like to be a grad?

What’s it like to be a grad at Bernice McNaughton High School, you ask? Bretany Howatt just found out a couple of weeks ago that she would be walking across the stage with all of the other grads in June of 2017. Bretany says “When you’re a grad you are basically top dog. Younger grades look up to the grads.”

“Being a grade 12 is also very stressful,” she says. “For girls there’s the stress of making sure that your grad pictures look great: the perfect prom dress, shoes, hair and makeup for when prom actually comes around, and to make sure to look good for your graduation night; but also on the school aspects you have a constant worry that you won’t have enough credits to graduate.”

Personally, Bretany did not like school. She wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, but the one thing she liked about high school was the support that she got from the teachers and the friendships she developed. “My advice for next year’s grad 12’s is to enjoy every minute if it because it goes so fast. Next thing you know you are out in the real world, and as for the other grades, work hard, have fun and enjoy because next thing you know, you will be a grad.”

She says, “I encourage you to participate in any club and any sport and do not let anyone bully or tell you that you can’t do what you really want to do!”  Even if you don’t like school, make the most out of it and do what you want to do!!



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