Are Cafeteria Prices too High?

Are the prices at the cafeteria too high or are they relatively reasonable? Many people have debated for the last couple of years whether or not the prices at the cafeteria are too high or if they are reasonable considering the quality and amount we are getting.  In a recent survey that was done in our school, 95% of people argued that the prices at the cafeteria are too high.

Many people leave at lunch and go to local fast-food restaurants instead of buying the food in the cafeteria; one student  said, “The cafeteria is promoting fast-food; McDonalds is cheaper than the food we serve.” Another student said, “I don’t know how they expect to keep us healthy, charging $5.50 for a salad and $2 less for a slice of pizza.” This shows that healthy items are often more expensive, but even the non-healthy items are still pretty expensive compared to local fast food restaurants. Although fast food restaurants may be less healthy than our local cafeteria food, many people prefer fast food because it is cheaper.

Depending on your financial situation, some may argue the prices are acceptable for the food we are being served, which is proven by a quote from a local grade 12 and who said that the prices are “reasonable.” However, even with people who can afford to buy lunch every day, most would rather bring their own food or leave to go to a fast food restaurant.

While interviewing people and surveying them, our results were found to be the same as the hypothesis. The cafeteria’s prices are too high for the amount we are getting. One person pointed out that it is hard for students to keep up with the school’s cafeteria prices when some kids do not have jobs and their parents don’t have money to give them all the time. Even though many teenagers have jobs, they do not want to spend lots of money on cafeteria food. If the food was cheaper more people would buy from the cafeteria.


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