BMHS Student Wins Loran Award

Bernice MacNaughton student Yuna Im has received a $100 000 Loran Scholarship award for her four years of undergraduate studies.

“The scholarship includes a tuition waiver and funding for summer internship, among other things, such as personal mentorship,” Yuna explained.

As part of the selection process, Yuna was first invited to partake in interviews at the provincial level. After being selected from the candidates there, she progressed to the national interviews. Yuna flew to Toronto on February 5th, along with 79 other students from across Canada, and had six interviews in total. Finally, before heading back home two days later, she received a phone call at the airport telling her that she was chosen as one of 31 Loran Scholars for 2016.

“The three core values of the Loran Scholar Foundation are: Character, Service, and Leadership,” Yuna said. “It isn’t an academic scholarship; so marks weren’t really a big factor.”

“Honestly, I wasn’t that prepared, but the interviews were more like regular conversations,” she said. “I just told them a few stories about myself and what I’m passionate about.”

Yuna plans to attend Dalhousie University in the fall to study medical sciences, and the $100 000 will certainly allow her to focus on her studies!

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