BMHS Students featured in local gallery

By: Julie Cullinan & Lauren HollisScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.52.54 AM

High school seniors from across the city have been given the opportunity to have their art displayed at Moncton City Hall. MacNaughton’s own Katelyn Jones is amongst those who have been honoured in the gallery and she has opened up in an interview about her work.

According to Jones, the students are, “gratetful that we are given such a great opportunity to showcase our work.” She specifically noted that is is an even greater opportunity for those “entering the creative arts field at the post-secondary level”. The artist also mentioned that Mayor George Leblanc’s attendance at the opening night “meant a lot to the art community.”

When Jones’ art teacher, Mr. Dave Brooks, first assigned the class’ final works theme of “autobiography”, she was not exactly certain about what she should do. But after hours spent researching and planning she came up with her concept.

Jones called her painting a “mixed media piece”.  Her painting was of a heart, which she admits isn’t necessarily “anatomically correct due to aesthetic reasons,” that also had vines, plants and other flowers. She used black ink as well as water colour paints on water colour paper.

Her inspiration for the painting comes from her grandfather, who unfortunately passed away 3 years ago from cancer.

She says that, “he had an immense impact on how I view the world and how I respond to nature and the environment,” she continues, “I wanted to show how I will always carry with me what he has taught me- to respect and admire the world that surrounds me.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.53.10 AMJones has always had a passion for the arts. At one point in time she did consider pursuing the visual arts at the post-secondary level and go into graphic design and advertising, I’ve always had a creative side, but it was never something I was committed to.” So she changed her mind and chose to follow her need of travel, learn and give back was something she “would be committed to long term,” and is going to be studying International Development at St. Francis Xavier University.

The Greater Moncton High School Senior Exhibit is open until May 5 2016.

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