Incredible Success comes from BMHS Library Promotion

Do you have an overdue library fee? You probably have less to fear than you think.

As many Highlanders may remember, February saw the introduction of a week-long campaign from the Sandra Lass Library to ignore fees owed on any overdue books returned during the first week. It seemed to be swept under other events at the time, but this campaign was so successful in the first week that it was continued, and Highlanders were given the invitation for an extended three weeks, making the campaign last the entire month of March.

We spoke with current librarian and retired teacher William McBeath about this campaign. “It was really successful. In the first week I had a full cart every morning!” he said.

Mr. McBeath has been working as the school librarian since he was asked to fill in when other candidates were unavailable. However, he says he has been welcomed by the Highlander community and extends his thanks.

During the first week of the campaign Mr. McBeath received over two-hundred overdue titles returned to the library shelves and he has been busy since. The extension of the campaign is in response to this success, and Mr. McBeath tells us that his only concern is that students might not get to read a book because someone has yet to return their copy.

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