McKenna Field

When you think of BMHS, one of the first things that comes to mind is the high quality field in our back yard. McKenna Field, better known as The Field of Dreams, adds a unique feature to our school. It gives our field sports teams the opportunity to play the sports they love on school property, and bring our school together to cheer them on. Not only is it special to our school, but to the community, as it gives kids and adults another place to play the sports that they love.
When the idea of the field first came to light, it was due to the fact that our previous playing facility was too dangerous, and could potentially cause more harm to our athletes than the sports that they were playing. That’s when Dave Horseman and the Friend of The Highlanders joined forces to create a committee in hopes of building a new field. As Mrs. Nancy Tingley, former BMHS teacher, told The Highlander News, “Timing was everything. The city had $750,000 set aside for an artificial turf [field] if a group wanted to raise the rest of the necessary funds.” And as we know, that’s exactly what they did.
Mrs. Tingley told The Highlander News that it truly was a team effort when it came to raising awareness and finding funding for the new field. It involved many meetings with “the school district, City Hall, and our MLAs to discuss the need [for a field] and funding opportunities to get the project done,” said Tingley.
The turf will continue to add value to the school and community, and from here on out as a group we need to rally together to maintain this field and finish the necessary funding, as we still have two years left in that process. The Highlanders are grateful to all who were involved in the creation of this new sports facility.

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