North/East Regional’s AAA Badminton Championship By Inuk Prasad

Grade 10 champion, Leah Lee shows a little Highlander humility after bringing us first place in both Junior Girls Doubles and Junior Girl’s Singles divisions.

On April 9, 2016 several schools from around the Moncton region came together at Moncton High School for a badminton tournament. Only four players from six divisions would be able to go forward to provincials. The tournament lasted from 10:00 AM to about 3:00 PM.

BMHS placed first in Junior Girls Singles, with Leah Lee beating MHS in the finals with a score of 21:15. In that same division, another BMHS player twisted their ankle and could not play for the remainder of the tournament, but luckily for us, her exit was not before she made fourth place-the minimum requirement in order to advance to provincials.

BMHS placed third in Senior Girls Doubles, thanks to Laura Jones and Emily Kim, with a close score of 21: 18 in a semi final match against Mathieau Martin. When asked how it feels to win, Laura replied enthusiastically, “Almost as good as these Mini Eggs!”

BMHS also had much success in the Junior Boys Singles, with Joey Carter (grade 9) and Jun Lee (grade 10) placing second and third respectively.

Luck smiled down upon us yet again as Carter and Lee continued their winning streak in Junior Mixed Doubles, placing third after losing a semi finals match.

Grade 12 student, Laura Jones reports winning to be, “Almost as good as these Mini Eggs!”
Grade 12 student Laura Jones reports winning to be, “Almost as good as these Mini Eggs!”

Once again Lee brought us victory, like a Saint Bernard bestowing upon us a keg of beer; the Junior Girls Doubles match ended with Lee and Sunmin Park facing off against a fearsome MHS team. The match lasted for about 30 minutes and ended with a fabulous slam shot by Leah, narrowly missed by the opposing team.

Most of the athletes were unable to come up with a coherent quote in their oxygen-deprived state of mind, but a rather sweet quote I received was from a grade 11 student who stated, “I’m tired, but I want to win.”

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