Student Fees: Are they too much?

Educational resource materials are necessary for participation in the educational program. All schools ask their students to pay their student fees. At the start of each year, students receive information from their teachers about what fees can be expected. Student fees include an agenda, a locker, a lock, and a yearbook. Other fees typically include those for student activities, graduation, team sports, some AP courses, and field trips.

Not every student is satisfied with the costs, because paying all these fees can be burdensome. When the fee structure is broken down, some school supplies are not necessary to students; therefore, it shouldn’t be mandatory to pay and own them. For example, students rarely use their agendas. Most BMHS students do not use their agendas daily (the school did a little survey on how often students use their agendas).  It turned out that less than half of MacNaughton students are actually using their agendas daily.

“Student fees are necessary to fund special events and school activities that are not covered by the school. However, I understand that student fees can be a burden for some students that are not involved in school activities. Therefore, it would be considerate if the school can reduce the student fees by making supplies such as agendas an option, not a necessity. By doing so, we only need to order a set quantity of goods and ultimately reduce the cost of student fees. I strongly believe that a majority of students will be satisfied with this option to reduce fees.”  Kiha Kim (Junior Treasurer).

The main problem is the effective use of school funds. In this respect, the community control can be an effective measure that provides students in need. Seniors might have more conflicts with the financial issue as their grad fees are included with the student fee. One of BMHS’s grade 12 students, Natasha Vienneau, said “I think the student fee is expensive because we only had to pay 60 dollars and it included everything. It is now 85 dollars and also if you’re grad, you need to pay $85 plus $110 for your grad fee.”  She also mentioned that it would be better for the grads if the school can lower their student fees because they already have a huge amount of money to pay.

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