Why is Prom Important?

Prom is important to many students here at BMHS. Keira Northrup, a member of BMHS’s Prom Committee told The Highlander about the importance of holding this event.

She explains how prom is a special night spent with friends and family members, and how it’s a great way to end off any grade 12’s final year here at BMHS.

“We’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s been stressful at times. We hire people to put everything together.” Keira commented on how the usual location, Royal Oaks, couldn’t be used as this year’s Prom location, but they have found a brand new location at the Chocolate River Station.

Keira believes that prom is worth the money and preparation time. The Grad Council has been working on the prom since late last year.

“Most people get excited about it, and we hope people do get excited about it.”

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