Recipes around the world: Älplermagronen

Today, I am going to introduce a classic dish. It’s called Älplermagronen, and it’s a recipe from the Swiss Alps. It includes pasta, cream, cheese, and onions.

We see Älplermagronen today as a traditional Mountain Court dish. The pasta came to the Alps from Italy when we started to build the tunnel between Italy and Switzerland, called The Gotthardtunnel. The Gotthard Tunnel is a 15.003 km long tunnel (9.322 mi). They started to build it on September 13, 1872 at the south portal, and on October 24 construction began on the north portal. The tunnel was finished in February 29, 1880 and the inauguration was on May 22, 1882.

New food got produced with Swiss eggs and the peoples who lived in the Alps started to really like it.

Here we come to the part where I tell you how to cook it. What you need:

-600 ml water

-200ml of milk

-200ml of cream

-A pinch of salt

-2.5 to 3 cups of pasta (the perfect ones would be the Makkarons)

-2 big potatoes, finely diced

-A little bit of vegetable bullion.


-2 cups of cheese

How to do it?

First, you boil the water and the milk and the cream together with the potatoes. When the potato3s are a little bit soft you can add the pasta and the vegetable bullion and the salt. Let it cook a little bit until the pasta is ready; then you can add the cheese. Stir and serve.

You can add fried onions if you wish. It is also very good with applesauce!

I hope you enjoy it!



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