Parlee Beach’s Murky Secret

Parlee Beach, one of North America’s finest beaches, is a major tourism attraction for New Brunswick; however, all has not been great for it. Rumors of poor quality water have been surfacing since August 2016 when more poor ratings were found than good. Having a poor water rating means there is bacteria in the water in which the levels are above normal, such as E.coli and fecal streptococcus, which comes from the intestines of mammals. This issue has been seriously impacting tourism around Shediac as many local businesses rely on the seasonal influx of tourists that Parlee normally attracts, so much that many of them do not open outside of beach season.Image result for parlee beach poor water quality

This issue not only affects the tourism aspect of New Brunswick but as well as local year-around businesses. Some Shediac-area business owners are worried that the rumors of the water quality will keep people away and hurt their bottom line. Whether they be untruthful rumors about the water quality or not, there is a correlated effect towards businesses who thrive during beach season and who rely on it for income.

According to CBC, Environment Minister Serge Rousselle admitted there were three weeks when the water quality should have been rated poor, but instead was not, putting beachgoers at risk for illness and disease. Although these problems have been raising concern in the public eye, the New Brunswick government has stepped up to the problem and are working on change and progress to the problems dealing with poor quality water at Parlee beach.Image result for parlee beach

Measures include new water monitoring protocols that follow federal guidelines being put in place for the beach beginning this summer. As well, according to New Brunswick Canada website, provincial and federal governments are investing up to $3 million in strategic infrastructure and studies to support water quality improvements at Parlee Beach.

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